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Importer of Record / Exporter of Record Services

StorBridge Global has developed a comprehensive and customizable IOR/EOR program to deliver International supply chain solutions needed by today’s high tech companies.


The core StorBridge IOR/EOR offering consists of the following:


  • StorBridge acts in the capacity of Importer of Record or Exporter of Record for all required Customs declarations.

  • StorBridge is responsible for abiding by all in-country Import, Export, and Customs Rules and Regulations.

  • StorBridge can acquire all necessary Import and Export licensing in subject countries.  Examples included, but not exclusively…


  • Saudi Arabian PCoC and SCoC, via the SABER system

  • Indonesian SDPPI permitting

  • HKTID licensing

  • Taiwan BOFT licensing

  • AU and NZ export licensing

  • StorBridge IOR/EOR services are active in over 30 countries, with expansion available based on customer need.

  • StorBridge utilizes a split delivery model of wholly owned subsidiaries and agent networks.

  • StorBridge offers their customers a trusted partnership to expand into new or existing marketplaces in parallel with their business and product planning

  • StorBridge provides their customers a pathway to global expansion. Prior to entry into a new marketplace, StorBridge’s research staff evaluates the current regulatory requirements, tax and duty obligations, availability of Custom’s Authority information, and the general business/investment environment. From this research, the StorBridge management staff will determine how best to proceed.

  • Expansion of IOR/EOR services can come at no “start-up” cost to the customer.


StorBridge Global has cultivated an invaluable and in-depth knowledge base of current US and Foreign trade regulations that allows them to deal effectively with Customs authorities regarding product valuations, proper product classification, permit and licensing needs, conformity documents, and any other hurdles needed to overcome for legal importation.

  • We can deliver upon Ministry of Telecommunication agency requirements (approval letters that may require signed, sealed and stamped legal renderings).

  • StorBridge prepares Certificates of Origin for required customs entry points on behalf of customers.

  • StorBridge provides ECCN and HTS numbers for US Export License and destination country entry requirements.

  • StorBridge can arrange for prepayment of all operational expenses, including relevant duties, taxes and VAT costs.

As a service provider, StorBridge offers their customers a strong corporate balance sheet and trusted counterparty to partner with. Along with workflow efficiencies and documentation templates our service offerings allow for cost efficient and timely product delivery.

StorBridge provides proprietary IT solutions as part of our service offering, including:

  • Shipment information is processed and stored securely on StorBridge platforms, providing ease of access to accurate datasets.

  • StorBridge retains all records to insure recordkeeping requirements are met.

  • IT solutions provide more efficient workflow and shorter end to end delivery timeframes.

  • StorBridge offers customizable reporting to track shipment status and company burn rates.

  • StorBridge IOR/EOR service provides an organic synergy with the StorBridge Trade Compliance department. Inter-service workflows have been automated to provide greater efficiencies and “one-stop” shopping for their customers.

  • StorBridge can provide round the clock access, with a staggered global staffing approach.

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