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Global Trade Compliance

StorBridge Global actively manages International and Domestic trade licensing services to facilitate your product movements. SBG partners with their customers to anticipate, and apply for required import and export licenses, prior to product offerings, marketplace entry, or contract manufacturing production. StorBridge offers efficiencies in license management that allows our customers’ supply chain management to run at maximum efficiency.


StorBridge has developed processes which utilize incoming sales and service data to match historical license usage, as well as, to anticipate future licensing needs. StorBridge also provides cradle to grave product compliance support, including:

  • Daily data analysis and reporting

  • Early warning, at time of initial order alerting and analysis

  • Instructions to sales group, distributors, and resellers on proper regulatory steps

  • Utilization of data repository to match RMA orders with original license details


StorBridge has increased their global coverage each year, remaining in lockstep with our customers’ marketplace product needs. StorBridge proactively renews all licenses, ensuring no disruptions to supply chain management. All licensing conditional requirements are met through StorBridge’s follow through, including but not limited, to bi-annual reporting, OEE inspections, and conditional fulfillments. We actively manage pre and post shipment inspections required by multiple regulatory bodies. StorBridge works directly with customs brokers to ensure correct and complete customs declarations are filed, including proper tax/duty payments. StorBridge provides invaluable, expert knowledge of current US and Foreign Country trade rules and regulations. SBG actively fosters relationships with OEE, BIS, and NSA staff.

Customized Servicing

StorBridge provides customized licensing services throughout the EMEA and APAC theatres. To meet the challenging, and ever-changing regulatory environments, StorBridge continually fosters in-country relationships with industry leading legal, financial, and trade customs experts.


StorBridge can quickly adapt process footprints and IT automation in reaction to foreign regulatory requirement changes so as to not put your product movement at risk. StorBridge in-country offices and broad agent networks provide an information pipeline that allows for early warnings of potential supply chain disruptions.

  • Hong Kong licensing - StorBridge provides individualized licensing services for the Hong Kong marketplace.

  • Taiwan licensing - StorBridge provides individualized licensing services for the Taiwanese marketplace.

  • Australia and New Zealand - StorBridge has years of experience obtaining and managing export licenses for AU and NZ respectively.

Compliance Helpdesk

StorBridge Global provides comprehensive helpdesks, staffed around the globe, to offer rapid and accurate responses to trade compliance questions.

Expert Staff

StorBridge Global provides round the clock access to a global staff, specializing in the US, EMEA, and APAC theatres with active services in 31 countries.

Compliance Services Rendered

StorBridge Global works directly with their customers’ partners (logistic services, distributors, resellers, and internal sales groups) to facilitate greater sales and delivery efficiencies.  The following are just a sample of the services StorBridge can offer your company.

  • StorBridge delivers immediate and accurate responses to all license and shipment queries

  • StorBridge provides or facilitates Certificates of Origin for required shipments

  • StorBridge provides accurate HTS and ECCN codes for customer shipments


StorBridge staff possesses an in-depth knowledge base of telecommunication products. We are experts in dealing with Customs authorities regarding IT product market valuations. StorBridge provides country by country customized support to maximize customer margins with accurate and acceptable product pricing. StorBridge provides expert advice on how to properly navigate through complex foreign anti-dumping standards. SBG provides answers to daily inquiries on product encryption classifications, and trade categorizations. We facilitate multiple end to end homologation exercises each year to assist opening of new marketplaces.

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